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  Arthur Collins & the Three Wishes: A Book About Courage For a World That Needs It

AURORA, CO-- Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes, a mystery-adventure novel for ages 8 and up by Linda Rash Pilkington, has been published by City Castles Publishing (

An early reviewer says, “In a time when publishers print several novels about Camelot and King Arthur every year, Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes stands out as a story of a present-day underdog's attempt to find his own courage amid the perils and chivalry of British legend.”

Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes ( is a time-traveling adventure of a twenty-first century boy, Arthur Collins, from the fictional town of Castleton, Colorado.

Ten-year-old Arthur Collins was named after brave King Arthur, but he spends most of his time being in trouble. He’s scolded by his teachers, embarrassed by his family, and worried that he’ll never be strong like his big brother. But worst of all, he’s the favorite target of the bullies at school, the Ruffians, who call him “Art the Fart” and torment him every day.

One morning after wishing for the courage to face his enemies, Arthur wakes up in a castle in sixth-century Britain. He quickly learns that young Arthur Pendragon--who looks a lot like Arthur Collins--has just disappeared.  When Arthur encounters Merlin and tries to explain what happened, the famous wizard thinks Arthur is an imposter and spy. Merlin knows that dark forces are at work to kidnap and kill the future king.

Will Merlin believe Arthur’s story? Can they work together to defeat the enemies who would destroy the Arthurian kingdom?

About the Author

Linda Rash Pilkington lives in Aurora, Colorado where, since 2000, she has owned and operated The website sells book club products and greeting cards. Pictures on the greeting cards are also the illustrations for Pilkington’s serialized story, Catherine’s Castle, on Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes is Pilkington’s first work of fiction, and is the first in a three-book series.

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Linda Rash Pilkington

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Reading Race Promotes Literacy Across America

 Aurora, Colorado, -- City Castles Publishing announces The Great American Book Race!,TM  a nationwide event to promote literacy.  This event encourages children ages nine and up to become lifelong readers. 

 During The Great American Book Race!, adult storytellers will read Linda Rash Pilkington's juvenile novel Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes to two or more teams of children.  Each team consists of groups of kids throughout the country.  When one group finishes reading Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes, they relay the book to the next group on their team.

 The Great American Book Race!  inspires kids to love reading by making the activity a team competition.  This event also uses the ancient art of storytelling to show kids the value of imagination, stories, and—most importantly—reading well.

Storytelling sessions for the race take place in a public environment safe for kids.  Storytellers are adults who have a passion for literacy and bringing life to characters while reading out loud.  As adult readers narrate Pilkington's time-traveling tale of Arthurian adventure, they will also communicate how reading can be fun.

When author Linda Rash Pilkington was in fifth grade, a teacher named Ms. Packer changed her life.  Pilkington hated reading until Ms. Packer's teaching methods won her over.  Ms. Packer breathed life into characters while reading out loud.  She drilled phonics into young minds, and developed mentoring relationships between students.  Through Ms. Packer's efforts, Pilkington learned the value of working hard toward literacy.

 Many American kids have not discovered how reading can open doors to imaginary worlds and enrich their lives.  Research indicates that many American students read below grade level.  As an avid reader and author who once despised books, Pilkington created The Great American Book Race! to reach those kids.  She works to instill a deep understanding of literacy's value and a love of reading in children.

 About City Castles Publishing:

 City Castles Publishing is a division of City Castles LLC based in Aurora, Colorado.  As a specialty publisher listed in the 2009 Literary Market Place, City Castles supports A Legacy of Literacy through efforts like The Great American Book Race! and book club publications.  In its products and events, City Castles Publishing shows readers the value of literacy.

Upcoming Events

Invitations are going out for:  Arthur's Birthday Party!

We hope that you can come and celebrate with us & Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes!

Join a gathering of writers, book clubs, family and friends to celebrate Arthur Collins' belated birthday. Learn a little about Knights & Kings from Andi Pearson, writer & speaker, who reviews books in The Denver Post, on Your  

I will read an excerpt from Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes and be available to sign the book.  City Castles Publishing will announce the launch of Arthur Collins and the Great American Book Race! Our effort to promote children's literacy across America.

There will be coffee and an English tea- style lunch after the short program. 

June 26th 2010 

11:30  a.m.  at Encore Catering    (

6400 S. Fiddlers Green Cr. Greenwood Village  CO 80111

Media representatives are Welcome!  call: 303.7556021